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Cathall leisure centre

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Cathall Road
E11 4LA
020 8539 8343
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Local swimming pool that runs a Tots Water World and also has a soft play area for kids. See the website for more details.


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Reviewer: Stroll London Date of review: 31/07/2012
"I have been using the centre for 30 years. I went with my grandchild this week to Tots Water World. The pool assistant was welcoming as they all are at Cathall. The pool was not that warm It used to be warm like a bath. The shower water was scalding hot. Will go again. There was some confusion over entry fee. Obviously if it is costly I'll go along with baby to normal small pool swim. The lockers are as bad as ever. They invariably fail to lock or open. Felt safe"
Reviewer: Rocknrollerbaby Date of review: 22/06/2011
"I have been using Cathall Leisure Centre ever since my daughter was born for the swimming facilities, which are excellent with a small child and also the brilliant soft play area.

The swimming pool is a separate pool to their main one and is overlooked by the soft play centre where there are comfortable seats and viewing windows for other family members to watch as you swim with your child. There is Tots Water World on at dedicated times but outside of these you can sometimes swim in the baby pool as it is frequently open, you just can't have the toys in the pool. The temperature of the pool is always warm enough for children and during the Tots Water World there is not only a life guard present as there is at all times but also a swimming teacher in the pool who is there to answer any of your questions and assist you with techniques such as dipping your baby under the water. I have always found the pool to be clean and even when it is very busy it doesn't feel over crowded as it is a fairly large space. It is fairly shallow over the whole area the toys and floats they provide are fun and plentiful. In the changing areas there are play pens and baby changing tables in both the male and female areas which are handy for getting yourself changed after you have changed your child and you can safely leave buggies in the changing rooms. The lockers are the only tricky area, they take 20 pence pieces but inevitably don't work at all, eat your coins or work In order to lock it but then not unlock meaning you have to traipse out to reception wet and with a wet child.

We always go to the soft play area after swimming as well as other days in the week when it's wet or we just can't think of anything else to do. It's absolutely superb. They don't allow children over 6 but if you go during the week there shouldn't be anyone over school age any way and it is suitable for babies. It's immaculately clean and a world away from other soft play zones I have encountered. It is manned 100% of the time by the most helpful lady who remembers all the children and most of the parents by name and all the children love it. They have a bouncy area, an area for building up soft blocks and running and jumping, an obstacle course that you can climb up to take you through a series of holes and tunnels to a big slide and a ball pool. Just outside the soft play area is the baby pool viewing area which has a couple of high chairs and is an ideal place to give your children lunch.

When we first started going we were paying as a non member and it can be quite pricey that way at 4.20 for each swimming session and 4.10 for the soft play but we quickly became members for a monthly fee (fees start at around 11.00 depending on your income and can be cancelled at any time with no fixed term) which entitles us to go swimming and use the soft play as many times as we like in the month. They have dedicated times for Tots Water World on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the soft play area is open for morning and afternoon sessions through the week and also on weekend mornings. All times and information are on their website www.gll.org/centre/cathall-leisure-centre.asp.It's worth noting that you can use a monthly card in other GLL leisure centres also so you're not totally limited to the times of Cathall if you can travel and the card admits the named child plus an adult.


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