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Leyton Leisure Centre

2.0 of 5 stars
5 Reviews
763 High Road
E10 5AB
020 8558 8858
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Great local sports centre for the family that has the following facilities:

Fitness Centre, Swimming Pool(s), Group Exercise Classes,Health Suite,Women Only Sessions,Sauna,Toddlers' World,Dance Studio(s)),Bowls Hall,Birthday parties.

There is a Creche Play and Learn area for children under 5 so you can use the sports centre knowing the kids will be well cared for.activities


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Opening Hours

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Disabled access:

Accessible toilet and change facilities for the disabled. Disabled parking Fitness centre adapted for wheelchair users Pool hoist Ramp access Wheelchair access to poolside facilities

Leyton Leisure Lagoon - Sports Centre
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Leyton Leisure Centre has the following reviews:

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Reviewer: Molly Hills. Stratford Date of review: 31/07/2015
"This swimming centre is a joke. Staff are disrespectful and very rude. People like these staffs should not be working here (dont get offended) but its a true fact. My son went into the pool to find out a member off the staff gave the 'dirties' and said something innapropriate. In my opinion she/he should of got sackedsacked or a wage loss as that is very rude. thanks for your time. Molly"
Reviewer: Bob Shah Date of review: 31/07/2015
"I am very dissapointed with staff at leyton leisure centre. The staff are very rude and disrespectful, i would like for whom this may concern to sort out the staff there as i am not happy and will not return to this centre. Thanks"
Reviewer: Boon Date of review: 28/06/2014
"This swimming pool is a joke and staff is so unpleasant you wouldn't like to be back there ever again. Before refurbishment went there once to find dead cockroaches floating in the water and tile grout covered in mould. It was disgusting! 3 years on and centre may be cleaner now, but pools are small and overcrowded.

Sent my child for swimming lessons who according to their description online was fit for stage 2. Nowhere is mentioned that children in that group are already 4 months into a course and swimming unaided.
On arrival there is no information available where should you child go, and there is nobody to ask that either. When finally found group, my little one has been ignored for at least 5 minutes, as wasn't able to jump into 1.10m water (she's 1.06m only), been told to sit on edge and wait another 5-8 minutes. Teacher took her to water, told her to swim (she can't, if she was able to swim what's the point of sending her there?), then he shouted to me that she is fit for stage 1 and he can't teach her as the have other pupils. I do understand that, yes I do... but being so rude wasn't necessary!
She was passed over to stage 1 where teacher was much nicer and made her laugh again. I was so worried that after that first experience my child wouldn't like to go back anymore.
Daniel took her by hand and allowed to show what she is capable of. She was enjoying remaining 15 minutes in pool.
Been told by teacher to move her to his class at reception...

Went there and women behind the desk look like she is in pain sitting there. Explained about change of stages, then she says that there is no stage one that day and hour. I went on about telling her that my child was just at that class which she couldn't understand. What were those kids doing there then?!
"Computers say's no" & she have ignored us turning her back on us.

Lack of customer service is beyond imagination! Ugh!
I would not recommend that place to friend... in fact nobody.
Reviewer: Jane, Walthamstow Date of review: 11/01/2012
"Bit of a hidden gem the pool here as it is always pretty quite even at the weekends. There is a small slide and shallow water for the toddlers and a great flume for the older kids, though this is not open all the time."
Reviewer: Mark Radel Date of review: 10/01/2012
"Use this sports centre on a regular basis and staff always very helpful and friendly. My wife also does an exercise class here while the kids have a play in the creche. "

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