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Ridgeway Park

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The Ridgeway
Old Church Road
E4 6RS
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This is a fabulous park for kids that is very well maintained. There is a great playground for younger kids, an outdoor gym and a recently added pulley for the older children.

It also has tennis courts, basketball court, five-a-side foootball,putting green and outdoor table tennis table.

In the summer there is a great miniature railway open on Sunday afternoons, run by local enthusiasts, for children to ride on. This was actually visited by Walt Disney, who himself was a keen miniature railway enthusiast, which drew huge crowds to the park in 1954.

The park also has some lovely flowerbeds and is a great place to walk and picnic.



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Ridgeway Park - Outdoor Gym
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Ridgeway Park Playground
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Ridgeway Park Pulley
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Reviewer: Teresa Date of review: 09/04/2015
"The Ridgeway Park is a small family friendly park with some great facilities. I have been visiting the park with family for many years and enjoy the miniature railway, followed by a lovely Rossi's Ice Cream from the park's resident Ice Cream man, who's friendly face has been serving visitors of the park for over 20 years."
Reviewer: Gary Date of review: 03/08/2013
"Zip slide, tennis cours, basketball kids playground and great minature railway in the summer. Something for kids of all ages here. Our favourite local park"
Reviewer: Liam Date of review: 28/07/2013
"Excellent park with tennis cours and playgrounds for youngsters and toddlers. Great zip ride as well and there is a minature railway that the kids can ride on that is open in the summer months"
Reviewer: dunctsmith Date of review: 08/06/2011
"This is a great park for young kids and is very popular at the weekends. It has a great playground for young kids and also a pulley slide for the older ones. There are also tennis courts here that are free to use."

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