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Coronation Gardens (Waltham Forest)

Oliver Road
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These gardens in the heart of Leyton were created in 1902 on grounds purchased for the public in 1897. They were named to commemorate Edward VII's coronation in 1902.

Site owners, Leyton Council, obtained a funding grant of £1000 from the Local Government Board. The Council then took on 50 to 60 unemployed men to complete the work. This was achieved in just four months under the direction of the Surveyor to the Council, Mr W Dawson, who was also responsible for the design.

Dawson based the garden design on that of Central Park, East Ham, built towards the end of the 1880s. It comprised a large, central, railed-in bandstand space with footpaths running around, two large grass swards and a system of twelve feet wide gravel paths. Raised shrub beds around the margins of the paths were planted with shrubs and flowers.

Since the Gardens opened they have been well liked and well used, acting as a focal point for the Leyton High Road area.There's an attractive pedestrian through route, and walking, informal leisure activities and socialising are all popular. The Gardens also play host to both entertainment and to memorial services.

The Heritage Lottery funded restoration project, completed in 2003, was carried out because the Gardens had become run down and dilapidated over the years. They were restored to the original Edwardian design, but also incorporated new features such as the war memorial and fishpond. Over time, these additional features had been identified as popular enhancements for the Gardens.



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