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Parks in Waltham Forest for Kids

The following is a list of all Parks in . If you know of any we have not listed please let us know - kidsfunlondon@gmail.com

Name Post
Abbotts Park
Park with large open space, picnic tables and tennis courts.
E10 6JP
Acacia Road Playground
E11 3PG
Ainslie Wood
Woodland with many ancient trees and bluebells in spring. Ideal for walking.
E4 9BQ
Ainslie Wood Sports Ground
Playing fields.
E4 9EA
All Saints Churchyard
Open space.
E4 8AA
Arnett Square Playground
Playground with play equipment.
E4 8YP
Artesian Gardens Playground
Playground with seating area, gardens and play equipment.
E11 4YP
Bisterne Avenue Park
Local park.
E17 3RD
Blades and Salisbury Hall Playing Fields
Playing fields with a floodlit training area and changing rooms.
E4 8SU
Bridge Road Playground
E17 8HN
Britannia Playing Fields
Playing fields.
E17 5DP
British Legion Road Open Space
Open space.
E4 6DP
Broadfields Playing Fields
Playing fields.
E4 8TA
Cambrian Gardens
Secluded open space.
E10 7BG
Cann Hall Park
Local park.
E7 9ET
Cathall Green
Open space.
E11 4LY
Chase Lane Park
Local park.
E4 8NT
Cheney Row
Open space with large grassed area.
E17 5EA
Chestnuts Sports Ground
Playing fields.
E17 4JF
Chingford Green
Open space, village green.
E4 7ES
Chingford Mount Cemetery
Open space.
E4 8BX
Chingford War Memorial
Open space
E4 6QL
Church Lane Playground
E11 4QY
Coppermill Park
E17 7HU
Coronation Gardens (Waltham Forest)
These gardens in the heart of Leyton were created in 1902 on grounds purchased for the public in 1897. They were named to commemorate Edward VII's cor...
E10 5NL
Dames Road Playground
E7 9ED
Drysdale Park
Local park
E4 7TN
Dyers Hall Playground
E11 4AA
Elmfield Road Open Space
Open space
E17 7HG
Epicentre Playground
E11 4NA
Folly Lane Community Woodland
Open space
E4 8TX
Folly Lane Playground
E17 5PA
George White Sports Ground
Playing fields
E17 5DL
Goode Memorial Gardens
Open space
E4 8AA
Greenleaf Road Playground
E17 6QW
Gunsite Playing Fields
Playing fields
E4 8TX
Harrow Green
Small open space in Leytonstone.
E11 4JU
Harrow Road Playground
E11 3PS
Henry Reynolds Gardens
1 review
average rating: 4.0 of 5 stars
Nice safe local park that is big enough for the kids to run around but small enough for you to keep an eye on them.
E11 3AE
Higham Hill Recreation Ground
1 review
average rating: 5.0 of 5 stars
Local park
E17 5QS
Jubilee Gardens (Waltham Forest)
Medium-sized public gardens with amenity grassland and hardstanding: adjacent to London Eye and South Bank Centre
E11 4JT
Jubilee Sports Ground
Playing fields
E4 9SF
Keatley Green
E4 8YL
Kitchener Road Park
Local park
E17 4LZ
Knotts Green
Open space
E10 6DB
Langthorne Park
Just off Leytonstone High Road lies this hidden treasure and one of the borough's newest parks. Created from the old Langthorne Hospital grounds, the ...
E11 4HJ
Larks Wood and Larkswood Playing Fields
Open space.
E4 9EB
Lee Valley Playing Fields
Playing fields
E4 7SR
Leyton Green
Open space
E10 5DD
Leyton Manor Park
Local park
E10 7AQ
Lloyd Park and Aveling Park
Lloyd Park - Next to William Morris Gallery Formerly known as Winns Playing Fields, Lloyd Park was part of an extensive estate with fields scattered through many parts of the borough. In 1898 t...
E17 4PY
Low Hall Conservation Area
Open space
E17 8AX
Low Hall Sports Ground
Playing fields
E17 8AX
Mallinson Park Woods
Open space
Mansfield Park
Local park
E4 8BP
Marlowe Road Recreation Ground
E17 3WA
Marsh Lane Playing Fields
Playing fields
E10 7BL
Memorial Park
Premier parks
E4 9DA
Parmiters and Cavendish Sports Grounds
Playing fields
E4 9AR
Pimp Hall Nature Reserve
Open space.
E4 7JF
Pimp Hall Park
1 review
average rating: 4.0 of 5 stars
Local park
E4 6JU
Queens Road Playground
E17 8DN
Ridgeway Park
4 reviews
average rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Ridgeway Park - Outdoor Gym This is a fabulous park for kids that is very well maintained. There is a great playground for younger kids, an outdoor gym and a recently added pulle...
E4 6RS
Rolls Sports Ground
Playing fields.
E4 9XD
Selbourne Walk
E17 7JR
Seymour Road Playground
E10 7ND
Sidmouth Park
Local park
E10 5QT
Skeltons Lane Park
Local park
E10 5DB
St Egberts Playing Fields
Playing fields
E4 7JR
St James Park (Waltham Forest)
Local park
E17 8AX
St John's Churchyard
Open space
E11 1HN
St Mary's Churchyard
Open space
E10 5JX
St Peter's and St Paul's Churchyard
Open space.
E4 7EZ
Stoneydown Park and Gardens
Local park
E17 7DP
The Highams Park
Highams Park Playground Great local park that has a playground and lake set in lovely woodland that you can walk around.
The Linear Park
Local park
E11 4QE
Thomas Gamuel Park
Local park
E17 8NU
Tine Acre Playing Fields
Playing fields
E17 5ED
Vestry Road Playground
E17 9NG
Vincent Road Playground
1 review
average rating: 4.0 of 5 stars
Play areas for under 7's and under 12's with open grassed area
Wadham Avenue Open Space
Open space
E17 4HS
Walnut Road Playground
E10 5TS
Walthamstow Cemetery (Queens Road)
Open space
E17 7LZ
Wingfield Park
1 review
average rating: 5.0 of 5 stars
Local park.
E17 9PD
Waterworks Nature Reserve
Waterworks Bird Watches - Fun days out in London Part of the Lee Valley Regional Park, the Waterworks Nature Reserve is a beautiful and tranquil spot only a few miles from the centre of London built ...
E10 7NU

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