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Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club

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Herne Hill Velodrome Stadium
Burbage Road, London
SE24 9HE
020 7321 1892
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Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club (HHYCC) participates and runs races and events all over South east London - including family rides to the countryside and to mountain biking areas. The club is also taking part in the London Youth Leagues for Cyclo-Cross and Road Racing.

The club is very encouraging - all abilities and ages are welcome, and equipment and transport can be organised if people are keen!

2009 was a great year - the club won the LCCA cyclo-cross leagues and the Cyclo-cross team event; the strength of the club also extended across the U14s, U12s and U10s leagues as many of the young riders finished well.

The club is run by a group of volunteers who are dedicated to their work, as the awards show - in 2010 Judith was awarded the British Cycling Volunteer Coach of the Year and Bill was awarded NE London Coach of the Year.


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Reviewer: Matty Williams Date of review: 17/03/2012
"The club is brilliant!! i am a member and when i started i was terrified to ride the track but the coaches really boosted my confidence. i also do the mountain biking which is awesome. You should really take your child and that's straight from an official member!!!"

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