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Clown Town

3.5 of 5 stars
16 Reviews
The Coppetts Centre
N12 0SH
0208 361 6600

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Clown Town is the largest and most popular Children's Indoor Activity, Party and Play Centre in North London.

Clown Town was taken over by a new company in February 2009 and since then several improvements have been made to the venue including a new cafeteria and an improved play area with climbing frames, slides, ball pond, rope climb, toy cars and more. They also cater for childrens birthday parties and run a number of free sessions at off peak times, see the website for more details.

Parents can relax in the large dining area where there are newspapers and magazines available to keep you occupied while the kids play.


Under 2 Years £3.95 Over 2 Years £4.95 Peak Times very age group (Weekends, school/bank holidays ) £4.95

Opening Hours

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Is food available and what type?

There is hot and cold food available along with sweets and treats for the kids. Our kitchen has been awarded 5 stars in terms of food hygiene and we are extremely proud of it.
Clown Town - Indoor Play Area
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Clown Town Soft Play in Finchley North London
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Clown Town has the following reviews:

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Reviewer: Abi Date of review: 04/09/2016
"I never write reviews about places i have visited but after reading these not so bad reviews i have to have a say!! Me and my cousin in law took our 2 children (both 1year old) last week to this soft play centre. We were shocked!!! We were there for no longer than 20 minutes. This is place is so unhygenic we felt dirty when we left. We were in the baby section of course but i wouldnt call it the baby section, it was over run by much older children (i would say they were over 7 years old!) there was no member of staff in this section to tell the older children to go into their section it was horrible. My babies were litrally getting trampled on and we had to tell the older children to be careful and not to push god knows where their parents were it was a complete nightmare. What a horrible experiance. And to top it off there was a LIGHTER in the babies ball pit which my 1 year old handed to me!!!!! Do not go here you will be very disappointed. Waste of time waste of money."
Reviewer: Edsri Date of review: 09/12/2013
"First time visit, would go again. Not cheap but had to drag my 3&5 year old away after two hours. Good big area for ride ons. Impressive three tier main area. Food better than usual soft play fare - healthy salad with meals, big helpings and sensible prices. Always 1-2 employees sweeping floor. "
Reviewer: leanne Date of review: 20/07/2013
"Attended party today at Clown Town Barnet for Emma birthday party. What a lovely time we all had, friendly people, good food, kids loved it, going back next Saturday. highly recommend thanks clown town"
Reviewer: layla Date of review: 19/07/2013
"Outrageous story by the parents who tried to ignore the rules setting bad example to their children. I know clowntown well and have nothing but good experience there. A quick research can prove that the story about the police being called because of a happy birthday song is just a lie. Why would the police come to a place just because someone is singing? it doesn't make sense and when it doesn't, it means it's not true. Get a grip dougherty and co"
Reviewer: marie Date of review: 17/07/2013
"Awful place, unhygenic and dirty.

and RUDE staff.

Find somewhere decent to take your kids.

Reviewer: Mrs Collins  Date of review: 16/07/2013
"My Kids always have the best time at Clown town, there is so much for them to do there and the food is great. It's think it's great value for money and I would strongly recommend it.
Reviewer: Kira, Barnet Date of review: 16/07/2013
"I think that as a mum, I probably love clowntown more than my little one. I mean, the idea of having a place that is SAFE and CLEAN and SO FUN at the same place is like winning the lottery for parents! With all this drama (funny, by the way) I just want to give my support mainly to the staff. We love clowntown and we will keep coming! -Kira Morrel"
Reviewer: Phil Date of review: 15/07/2013
"Don't book a party here. They call the police, even when you've spent 300 (or more): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2363653/Jobsworth-play-centre-staff-police-father-ignores-orders-NOT-sing-Happy-Birthday-daughter.html"
Reviewer: Dave Date of review: 15/07/2013
"A soft play center run on facist principles, apparently when you enter they have the right to prevent you from singing happy birthday! The name is appropriate though, as it is indeed run by clowns...AVOID,"
Reviewer: colm Date of review: 12/07/2013
"The most DISGRACEFUL place to take any CHILD. The receptionist came running to our table to STOP us singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our 8 yr old daughter. The most UNFRIENDLY PLACE EVER. One member of staff was very kind, during this awful experience. My wife tried to book a party for 20 children and 6 adults, all with food and was told there was no availability. When we arrived, there was one other group there, the two party booths were empty and were not used at all. There were 7 staff not doing very much (considering the place was so empty and not surprising given the abusive service by the receptionist). The nice member of staff came over to our friend and said the receptionist was annoyed and we were not to sing happy birthday, or produce a cake, (is there some kind of mental problem, going on here)? I told the receptionist to go away from my children, at which point she told me she would phone the POLICE. I have been here on at least 4 different occasions, over the years, (having 6 children) and it is my belief, you would have to be mental to give Clown Town any of you hard earned money, (I spent 300) let alone let them play in this shabby, unhygienic place. Beware, don't give them your custom. Colm Doherty"
Reviewer: Jake, Muswell Hill Date of review: 03/11/2012
"My kids favourite day out and the fact they come back exhausted mine as well!!! brilliant soft play for the kids and I get to relax and read the paper in the cafe"
Reviewer: Ian, Holloway Date of review: 01/11/2012
"Visited many soft play areas in London and this one is up with the best, kids love it. Large framed play area where the kids can play for hours perfect. Food at cafe is above average and the staff are also very friendly"
Reviewer: Shoshana  Date of review: 15/08/2012
"Just LOVED it!"
Reviewer: Sam, Muswell Hill Date of review: 11/01/2012
"This is a regular play place for me and my 2 year old, we go down once a week and meet some friends. It gets busy at the weekends but is nice and quite in the week. Food is very reasonably priced. "
Reviewer: susan100 Date of review: 09/01/2012
"Nice and clean/safe play area for kids. Can get a little busy at the weekends but would definitely recommend. Food in cafeteria is very reasonably priced and staff very accommodating."
Reviewer: marktaxi Date of review: 08/01/2012
"Had a great day here with my 4 and 6 year olds. Very safe play area, staff very friendly and you can also have a chill out in the dining area reading the paper. Recommended!!"

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