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Riverside Walk

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Argyle Avenue
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Riverside Walk (North & South) and Brookside Walk, are all linear greenspaces that form part of a long and very fine linear riverside corridor, with many small damp grass flood plain meadows and natural tree canopy.
The dominant stream side vegetation and open parts of the stream still supports (in places) Kingfisher.
The Borough wide important Dollis Valley Green Walk passes its way through on its way to Finchley.



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Reviewer: Barry Bernstein Date of review: 24/08/2011
"I have lived in the area nearly all my life. I am 65 years old and even remember the Air Raid shelters on Riversise Walk. The propoped improvements look good. However it is important that there is security . I am afraid the present play area for 2-5 year old is frequented in the evening by "youths" trying their best to destroy the swings etc, smoking dope, and I know this for two reasons firstltly I can smell it and secondly my springer spanial has just retired from working as a drugs dog at HM Prisons and sometimes in the park he think he is back at work!! Also and very IMPORTANT!!!! cyclists use the walk way.THere are no cycling signs at one end of the park but not at the other.They have caused accidents . I am not a killjoy, but if they can ride their bikes at 20MPH or more in a restricted area with their protective head gear, do you think they would mind ringing their bells when passing us and not calling us names !! when we object to them !!!!"

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