Pancake Big, Pancake Small…

Mar 03 2014

“I want pancakes for breakfast!” yelled the big one. “I want pancakes for tea!” said the small one. We could all be panned out come tomorrow night…but it’s actually a relief to have an excuse to indulge in sugary goodness without need for explanation (or maybe that’s just me). Of course pancakes DON’T have to […]

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An Aquatic Legacy!

Feb 25 2014

How do you fancy swimming in a pool of champions? One of London 2012′s best-known venues opens its doors to the public on Saturday 1st March 2014 so the question does not pose a prospect you have to wait for and having seen it for myself, I have to say, as far as legacy goes… […]

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Family Magic at the Magic Cavern in Barons Court

Feb 18 2014

If your ever looking for something a little bit different to do with the kids one weekend you would be well advised to pop down to the Magic Cavern in Barons Court. Located in the basement of the Curtains Up pub about 5 minutes walk from Barons Court station.The intimate nature of the theatre lends […]

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A sprinkle of half term Stardust

Feb 17 2014

  David Bailey was accused as a school boy for “not making the most of his brain,” but his then headmaster tellingly ended his report with: “I feel quite certain that given a calling in which he is interested, he will, make good of himself.” Wow. Yep. We know. Bailey curated the Stardust exhibition at […]

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Jack (and Jill) and the Beanstalk…

Dec 08 2013

  “Mummy! This is the BEST panto EVER!” It is also the ONLY panto my six year old has ever been too.  Still, quite an endorsement for Hammersmith Lyric’s ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. As we sat waiting in the stalls taping our feet to the music you could slice the anticipation with a great, big, […]

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The Best Christmas Markets in London

Dec 05 2013

Christmas is often a stressful time of year – nothing new here. The tree needs to be put up, the dinner needs to be cooked and your bank balance is probably going to take a serious hit. Yes, the usual debacle. However, with a number of Christmas markets dotted around London, shopping for presents need […]

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Make like Spidey on Dalston House

Jul 18 2013

  I love Dalston House albeit a 40 minute wait and just five minutes of fun, the creative concept is simply brilliant. Groups of families and friends calmly, and usually quietly, walk onto the flat pack house and take up their positions – waving, jumping, hand standing or holding a ’tiger’ by his tail – […]

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Sensational Butterflies

Jun 27 2013

Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

“Yes, you have a butterfly on your back!” I said to my son. He had been waiting for so long and his smile was so big I felt justified in my little un-truth.  The alternative – manhandling a butterfly – seemed rather extreme. The Sensational Butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum is the real-deal […]

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Tiger Territory tingles

Jun 11 2013

The Tiger Territory at ZSL London Zoo 2013

From Camden Town to London Zoo there are posters of tigers on almost every lamppost. If you didn’t already know – the tigers have a new home. “Where are the tigers then kids?” I say as we stand with ZSL London Zoo before us. “Penguuuiiinnnnsssss!” they shout in unison. Apparently, this was a necessary detour […]

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My First Cinderella at the Peacock

Apr 02 2013

Mlindi Kulashe and Daniela Oddi in My First Cinderella cr David Jensen

“That’s ballet!” said my nearly 6 year old in an excited ‘whisper’ as Cinderella began to dance. Yes, indeed. My First Cinderella at the Peacock Theatre is brilliant. I wondered how the English National Ballet 2 would make the show more child focused – apart from the glaring fact that the theatre would be full […]

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